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Specialized Profiles for Tailor-Made Proposals

The OpenAI-powered proposal generator can analyze the job description and generate a tailored proposal that showcases the user's skills and experiences in the context of the specific job requirements. This not only saves time for the user, but it also increases the likelihood of getting hired or winning a project.

Specialized Profile
Custom Prompt

Your voice, your style, seamlessly integrated

Custom Instructions for Personalized Proposals

Simply type your custom instructions into the extension. These could be unique selling points you want to highlight, additional services you offer, or even a personalized greeting. The AI incorporates your instructions to make the proposal uniquely yours.

Let's say the job description is for a graphic designer with expertise in branding. Your Custom Instruction could be: "Include my experience in rebranding companies, leading to a 50% increase in customer engagement." The AI will weave this crucial detail seamlessly into your proposal.

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